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cgApprentice brings world class animation and games training to schools

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industry standard tools

Autodesk Maya • Unreal Engine • Python • Artifical Intelligence

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from short courses to full curriculum

Inspiring the next generation of digital creators with world-class content

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cgApprentice is dedicated to providing schools with access to world-class education in 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Games and Film! Using industry-standard software cgApprentice seamlessly blends technical and creative workflows to craft amazing learning experiences.

Focussing on fantastic areas like coding, visual programming, game design, animation and VFX, cgApprentice courses are written and delivered by world-leading educators and industry professionals, ready to educate and inspire the next generation of digital creators!

Games Design

Animation, VFX and Film

Industry Standard Software

Artist Tools for STEM Subjects

cgApprentice lets students explore the interplay between art and tech- here the powerful Python scripting language is combined with Autodesk’s Maya animation software to visualise Fibonacci distribution

Visit our about page to learn more about what we do, or contact to talk to us directly!

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