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See how students created a fully functioning game level using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games
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Using visual programming language to create game logic
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cgApprentice is dedicated to bringing world-class expertise from the fields of visual effects, game development and animation to UK education – at a price that schools and parents can afford.

Written by leading experts, cgApprentice classes blend creative and technical learning in a way that encourages students to refine their digital knowledge whilst building their very own 3D video games and animated sequences. 

Founded in 2017, cgApprentice has established a successful portfolio of schools-based Unreal and Autodesk Maya training, delivered at partner institutions in Bournemouth and Cambridge. Whilst some schools already have high-spec computers capable of running graphics-intensive software, for many institutions accessing suitable machines, software and know-how can be a real challenge. To address this, cgApprentice has created an easy-to-use digital learning platform called arVEE.

Using arVEE, partner schools can use their existing suite of Windows PCs and Macs to easily and remotely access cgApprentice’s fleet of high-powered workstations. These workstations are optimised for intensive graphics work and game development and which come pre-installed with the latest industry-standard software. From there our classes and learning materials give step-by-step guidance on how to create complete 3D games, along the way covering a range of valuable topics and subject areas, from maths and coding to colour theory and design language. 

Topics include:

  • Building 3D environments
  • Coding and Visual Programming
  • Animation
  • Creating Physics Simulations 
  • Designing Custom Lighting 
  • Cinematography and Virtual Cameras 
  • Visual Effects 
  • Generating a Playable Games Level
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games

Our courses are designed and delivered by some of the UK’s most respected teachers of 3D Computer Animation. With more than 25 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of technology education, their past students have gone on to work on an amazing range of films and games, including Star Wars: Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza: Horizon, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and many others.

Epic Games is one of the world’s biggest computer game developers and publishers, responsible for the Unreal Engine and Fortnite. Recently, cgApprentice received a prestigious Epic MegaGrant; these awards support game developers, students, and educators to create amazing things with industry-focused tools and practices. Our funding is directly connected to curriculum and class development with the aim of introducing the Unreal Engine and STEAM based activity into schools.
We are passionate about ensuring students from all backgrounds can feel excited and empowered to pursue careers in the digital creative arts. We look forward to working with you!

Activities include weekly co-curricular classes, two-day short courses, assembly and after-school presentations, and careers fair activity.

We work across three main areas:

Curriculum and Class Design

From one-off assemblies to full units, modules and pathways, cgApprentice creates an amazing range of learning packages for schools and colleges. We work with an array of world-leading educators and professionals to ensure that all types of institutions can offer unrivalled educational experiences to their students. From game design, animation and digital sculpting to VFX fundamentals, film language, cinematography and coding, cgApprentice has it covered!

Short Courses

Giving students hands-on experience and expert training in 3D animation and games design, our in-person short courses run during holidays, allowing multi-day workshops that cover a huge range of technical and creative areas in a way that makes learning fun! Packed with example scene files, high quality assets and supplementary learning materials, our courses can cover an amazing array of topics, including coding, animation, artificial intelligence, game design and much more!


cgApprentice makes sure that schools and colleges have access to industry-standard software like the Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya and Blender, as well as direct contact with world-leading educators and industry professionals, giving institutions the ability and support they need to integrate 3D Animation, VFX, Games and Film into their existing offering to students.

"I would recommend this course to anyone interested in coding and games"

"These guys are the real thing, and what they teach is precisely what the next generation need"
Ed Hooks
Craft Notes for Animators
"An immense knowledge and a teaching style that is hugely engaging, inclusive and informative"
Jahirul Amin
Trainer, Black Panther, Spectre
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