Scripting and programming

cgApprentice can supply classes covering a range of scripting and programming languages- but by far our most popular is Blueprint, the proprietary visual programming language used in the Epic’s Unreal Engine.

Blueprint is a node-based language, meaning that it works a bit like Scratch. Users can add nodes to their network, connect them to perform specific tasks, and easily visualise how data flows through a program. As well as whole games and levels, cgApprentice uses Blueprint to add artificial intelligence to games characters. Using these techniques, we can easily create scenarios in which adversaries can look for, chase, hide or defend against the player, and modify their behaviour based on external conditions. This gives young learners a fantastic introduction to a huge range of topics related to logic and branching.

However we are using it, when combined with Unreal’s easy-to-use physics simulations, real-time graphics and character tools, Blueprint allows young learners to engage with scripting and programming in an engaging and exciting way, learning crucial and universal skills that are applicable to all areas of computer science, including variables, datatypes, functions, conditionals, loops and many more!

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