cgApprentice Support

cgApprentice bridges the gap between education and the digital creative industries, adding value across the curriculum and facilitating learning that encompasses art, design, maths and computer science and more.

Our delivery has been designed to alleviate the most common barriers to successful EdTech adoption within schools:

The ChallengeThe Solution
The need for modern infrastructurecgApprentice offers a remote-desktop service (arVEE), using existing school computer stock to access high-end virtual workstation and a suite of specialist tools.
Teacher confidencecgApprentice staff are education experts with years of experience within the VFX, Computer Animation and Games industries. We also offer teacher training and consultancy services as required.
Teacher awareness of available toolscgApprentice hand-pick the most relevant and accessible software and provide all teaching materials. The software we use can be downloaded and used for free at home, allowing pupils to continue their learning journey in their own time.
Privacy, Safety and Data SecurityThe cgApprentice arVEE solution is completely secure and allows for easy integration and deployment within existing school systems. All cgApprentice staff are DRB checked and certified.

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